Note from Union Church of LA

Dear friends and members of Union Church of Los Angeles:


  • Union Church has never closed. The Church is engaged while the church building has been closed to services to protect the congregation and staff
  • We understand that community is hard when you are distant from people
  • We are still reaching and engaging with the community
  • The gospel is being preached
  • We don’t (or won’t) feel pressure to “reopen” because the health and welfare of our congregation is of the utmost importance
  • Although leadership is planning and in constant communication about a reopening, any plans we make will remain fluid as things change; therefore we will remain flexible


In these uncertain times, decisions like this are never easy to make, and certainly God may lead other churches differently than we sense He’s leading us.

We truly look forward to the time when we regather physically, but until then, we will keep being the Church online.

AC and the Session of Union Church