Combined English In-Person Service Information

Information on how to register for in-person services and the protocols

Register for In-Person Service Online (11 AM-12 PM)

You may register two people for each. You will receive a confirmation within the week for your seating.

Register for In-Person Service By Phone (11 AM-12 PM)

You may also call 626-282-7366 for registration as well. Our wonderful longtime Deacon, Lorraine, will answer or call back when available. You will receive a confirmation within the week for your seating. You may register multiple people, but let her know which pairings of people to sit next to each other.

Safety Protocols for In-Person Service

Union Church In-Person Protocols

Last Updated 07/012/21


  • Before you RSVP or make an appointment to attend the service, you must answer the following questions:
  • 1. Are you experiencing any NEW symptom(s) listed below that is not due to another health problem? Please select all that Apply:
  • Chills or shaking | Headache | Congestion or runny nose | Fever | Fatigue | Loss of taste or smell | Nausea or vomiting | Cough, shortness of breath or difficulty breathing | Muscle aches and pains | Sore throat | Diarrhea.
  • If you answer at least of these, then you may be asked not to attend the service.
  • 2. In the past two weeks, did you have close contact (within 6 feet for at least 15 minutes) with someone with symptoms of COVID-19 or who tested positive for COVID-19?
  • If you answer “Yes,” then you may be asked not to attend the service.
  • 3. In the past two weeks, have you tested for COIVD-19?
  • If you answer “Yes, I was tested, and I am waiting for results” or “Yes, I tested positive,” then you may be asked not to attend the service.
  • You must RSVP or make an appointment prior to attending service to have a seat.
  • Arrive 15 minutes before the start of the service to provide enough time for seating.
  • Your temperature will be checked at the door and must not exceed 100oF (classified as a fever).
  • Do not enter the building until your reservation, temperature, and responses to screener questions have been confirmed.
  • If accommodations are needed for seating, then let a volunteer know ahead of time.


  • The seating arrangement comprises 24 seating pods of two seats each for a maximum capacity of 48 seats. Each of the pods is spaced six feet apart from one another.
  • An usher will direct you to your seat.
  • Please stay in your seating pod for the entirety of the service. You may go to the bathroom or leave early if needed, but we ask you to refrain from moving to other pods for close communication.
  • When the service is finished, an usher will direct rows to leave so that not all people leave simultaneously.
  • Do not re-arrange or change from your assigned seat without the knowledge of an usher.

Worship Service

This is for those in attendance for the worship session:

  • While indoors, you must keep your mask on. [*This will be re-evaluated after the first service].
  • When worshipping, we encourage humming or light singing under the mask. Under no circumstances must you have your mask off and sing simultaneously—[*This will be re-evaluated after the first service].
  • You may stand during worship.
  • Communion will not be performed intinction style (dipping bread into juice), and instead, single-use cups will be provided containing a wafer and juice.

Worship Participant

This is for those who participate in the worship service (singing, instrument, speaking, etc.).

  • Arrive 45 minutes before the service for soundcheck and seating.
  • All musicians who are singing must do so behind the plex glass and may sing without a mask.
  • The central pulpit is reserved for the leading speaking preacher for the service.
  • A side podium is provided for the ancillary speakers (community prayer, offering, announcements, etc.).
  • Keep your mask on when you approach the appropriate microphone, and then remove your mask when you speak.
  • Use a Lysol wipe to clean the microphone between different speakers.


  • Limit of 2 people in the bathrooms at the same time
  • You must wash your hands with soap and hot water for 30 seconds before returning to service.
  • Certain areas of Union Church will be closed to the public. Follow all signage. 
  • You must enter the building through the door next to the parking lot and leave via Room 123.
  • When the service ends, you must leave the building. You may congregate outside or in Little Tokyo, but you may not do so in the building since it will be cleaned.


  • Please maintain social distance while inside Union Church.
  • Hand sanitizers will be provided in different areas around the building.
  • Please read and follow all signage.
  • Masks and gloves are available if needed or requested.
  • Eating is discouraged in the service. Beverages are ok.
  • When drinking, you may raise your mask temporarily but must be lowered when finished—[*This will be re-evaluated after the first service].
  • If a person in the service is later confirmed to test positive for COVID-19, then all attendees will be notified for contact tracing.  


  • All microphones must be replaced between services and then all sanitized after the final service of the day.
  • All chairs used must be sanitized after every service.
  • All doorknobs and handles must be sanitized after every service.
  • The bathroom must be quickly sanitized after the first service and then thoroughly cleaned after the second service.
  • All podiums must be sanitized after each service.
  • All church instruments must be sanitized after use in a service.
  • The plex glass must be sanitized after each service.